Our review paper on auditory perception (Jasmin, Lima, & Scott, 2019) made the cover of Nature Reviews Neuroscience.


César Lima was asked by Público (in Portuguese) to comment on the recent work on vocalizations by Cowen et al. (2018, American Psychologist)


Media coverage of our study on how the brain of  beatboxers and guitarists responds to music (Krishnan et al., 2018, Cerebral Cortex): Daily Mail; ScienceDaily.


Media coverage of our recent work on speech perception in voice hearers (Alderson-Day, Lima, et al., 2017, Brain): BBC Radio 5 (about 1:29 onwards); BBC World Service (about 10:29 onwards); Daily MailScienceBlog; Popular Science. Portuguese press: Diário de Notícias; Porto Canal; Notícias Universidade do Porto. We also wrote a post for the OUPblog that explains the study in more detail.



Sophie Scott and César Lima scanned the opera singer Lesley Garrett (using real-time MRI) for the BBC Four programme Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics. Clips can be seen here and here.



César Lima collaborated with The Guardian on a Brain Waves film on music and emotion – this included scanning Billy Bragg’s brain. The film can be seen here and a brief explanation of the experiment here.



César Lima made short films of real-time speech and laughter production (using real-time MRI) for the BBC Two Horizon episode Jimmy Carr and the Science of Laughter. A clip can be seen here, along with a great summary of laughter research by Sophie Scott.


Media coverage of our work on socio-emotional processing in congenital amusia (Lima et al., 2016, Scientific Reports): Daily Mail and Rhinegold



I was interviewed by the New Scientist about our work on emotional vocalizations for the feature Self-mastery Can Be Yours With Three Pillars of Emotional Wisdom


Media coverage (in Portuguese) of our work on executive functioning in Alzheimer’s Disease (Moreira, Lima, & Vicente, 2014, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease): Observador, Sic Notícias, TVI 24, Notícias UP


Media coverage (in Portuguese) of our work on how Parkinson’s disease affects emotion processing in music and speech prosody (Lima, Garrett, & Castro, 2013, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology): TSFSic NotíciasNotícias UP


Some of the public engagement events I’ve taken part in:

LOL – The Science and Art of Laughter
The Voice at the Wellcome Trust
Zombielab at Science Museum Lates
U.Porto on Display